Making extra money with Sex Blogs is for all broadminded adults from anywhere in the world. Sex is the major commodity that is searched for on the Internet. So, if you can provide porn and/or sexy contacts, how can you possibly go wrong! There is a massive market, billions of people are interested in sex.

The beauty of Sex Blogs is that there is absolutely no outlay. It doesn't cost you a penny to make pounds, or a cent to make dollars.

So what do you do?

There are really only three simple things to do:

(1) Start a blog - for free.
(2) Sign up to the right affiliate programs - for free
(3) Promote your blog - for free.

Let's take these one by one so that you can see how easy it is.

Start a blog

This is the easy bit. Simply go to either Blogger, Just Blog Me, Zoomshare or AW and start your own blog. There are also many other places where you can start a blog - just do a Google search.

Simply follow the instructions and you'll soon be up and running. Think of a good title, preferably something sexy that will catch the eye. A few blog titles that are doing well are My Sexual Diary, My Voyage Of Sexual Discovery, Blow Job Special, Free Porn and Sexual Secrets. These names get people interested enough to take a look.

Now what to put on the blog is a little more difficult. It's got to be something sex orientated, obviously. Perhaps a diary of sexual experiences, nude photos, sex stories and so on. There will be quite a lot of material available from the affiliate programs I'm going to mention later. An easy way to fill the blog is just with sexy photos, an example of this is the Nude Photo Blog.

If you can provide regular updates, on something sexual, visitors will come back again and again. And more visitors means more people seeing your affiliate links and banners - which in turn means more commission for you.

Sign up to the right affiliate programs

If you search around on the Internet you'll find dozens of affiliate programs - some good and some bad. To save you searching I've listed here my 'Top Three'. They are all programs from where I have made good money. In other words they work, and they have paid me.

So here's my Top Three.

(1) Weg Cash.
I've made the greatest amount of money from this program. They have everything covered plus there is a choice of affiliate options. Plus, and this is a big plus that has proved profitable to me, they offer free porn. All anyone has to do is join with any current email address, and that's it. No credit card is required. If you think about this you'll realise the massive potential.

Weg cash provide all of the tools that you will need and there are dozens of hot sites to promote. To help you get orders there are banners, buttons, photo galleries and so on. It's one of the most helpful adult affiliate schemes about. For more information ...

(2) Adult Friend Finder.
A well established affiliate scheme with big potential. This is the place to meet sexy friends and they have something like nineteen million members so, as an affiliate, you will have a lot to offer. There are twenty plus websites to promote.

Adult Friend Finder have all sorts of things for affiliates: banners and of all sizes, photo galleries, rotating ads etc. etc. It's one of the best about. For more information ...

(3) Sexy Ads.
Yet another excellent scheme that has paid me regular checks. Again there is lots to help affiliates: banners, adverts, many different pages to link to, photo galleries of your choice etc. For more information ...

Promote your blog

Obviously you'll need visitors to your blog so that they can click on your affiliate offers. The three things that work best for me are

(a) Get listed on as many blog directories and search engines as possible. Okay this does take a little time but it pays in the end. I've listed lots of directories and search engines (on the left of this blog) for you to get going with. Use the SEO link, for example, and they will list you in about 40 search engines for free.

(b) Exchange links with other bloggers. Just drop them an email and see if they'll do an exchange link. Some will, some won't.

(c) Have more than one sex blog yourself - have as many as time will allow and keep creating more and more. Carry links to all of your blogs on every blog you create. The reason for this is because ...

... you need to get as many links as you can to your own blogs, whether this be on directories or on other blogs. The more links you can get, the higher you will rate in the 'big' search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This'll mean more hits, more visitors, more profit.

That's it!!

I've purposefully tried to keep it all very simple and not too detailed. The important point is that it's relatively easy to make money with sex blogs. You can do the work needed gradually and the trickle of initial commission will build and build.

Go on, give it a try!

Plus here are ...
Some Extra Paying Affiliate Schemes

Met Art
High class top teen nude models beautifully photographed.
Thousands of photographs plus webcams etc. A great looking site.

Sexy Contacts
Has hundreds of thousands of sexy members.
For webmasters link see bottom of their home page.

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